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Edie Sedgwick, An Icon

The iconic muse of the 60's, a Warhol superstar, the It girl - she was Edie Sedgwick.
edie sedgwick my beauty blurbs

Edie was an heiress, a socialite, a model and an actress and starred in films like Ciao! Manhattan (1972) and Poor Little Rich Girl (1965). Her character drew many to her, including one of the most famous people at that time in American culture - Andy Warhol could not resist her.

Her look is one of the most recognizable makeup looks to date and set her apart from everyone else at the time. Edie was far from being glamorous but she was fabulous. In a nutshell, her look was wide eyed, heavy false lashes, thick liner, exaggerated geometric crease, thickened brows, pale lips, and slightly contoured cheekbones.When I look at photos and videos of her, all I see are her eyes and the enigma that surrounds them. She's a timeless beauty and even NARS paid tribute by releasing a limited edition Edie gift set under the Andy Warhol collection.
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(L-R) Film Star Pure Matte Lipstick in '60s Nude Pink, Stylo Eyeliner in Carpates, Blush Duo in Deep Throat and Amour, Shimmer Eyeshadow Cream in Edie
I watched The Factory Girl (2006) with Sienna Miller and she's looking, acting and talking a lot like Edie in it - the makeup and styling were on point, too. Now I don't recommend watching the movie (I saw it because it was just there in my laptop. Taunting me.) and the saving graces here were Miller's and Guy Pearce's performances. I barely got through to the ending but it did spark my curiosity about the most famous Warhol superstar. There was something in her overall demeanor that captivates, I mean, watch this video and you be the judge.
edie sedgwick my beauty blurbs
That's one cool looking contour brush.
edie sedgwick my beauty blurbs
Yes, her beauty mark is real but I suspect that she darkens it - just how Sienna did in one scene in The Factory Girl.

edie sedgwick my beauty blurbs
 edie sedgwick my beauty blurbsedie sedgwick my beauty blurbs
 edie sedgwick my beauty blurbs
You have to wonder why a beautiful girl like her wore her makeup the way she did and she does explain why this is so.
"I made a mask out of my face because I didn't realize I was quite beautiful. God blessed me so. I practically destroyed it. I had to wear heavy black eyelashes like bat wings, and dark lines under my eyes, and cut all my hair off, my long dark hair. Cut it off and strip it silver and blonde. All those little manoeuvres I did out of things that were happening in my life that upset me." - Edie: American Girl (source)
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I thought she was far more beautiful and enchanting without the makeup.
The 60's had Edie Sedgwick, who do do we have now? Who do you think is the muse of this/the past decade?

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