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Wouldn't it be amazing if we could all sum up who we are in a one page "About me" section? That would be so convenient and sometimes interesting but in my opinion would be a one-dimensional look at me in particular and could be a bit of a boring read (hopefully, I'm sparing you that) so I'd rather tell you what to expect from my little blog instead. :)

Two things I'm most passionate about are makeup and movies. Now makeup is the reason why I've started a blog of my own. I'm fascinated with the artistry and the history behind it & it's a dream to be part of that industry someday. Along with wanting to have a conversation with you about makeup, how could I not want to talk about films, too? I've always loved watching movies, and it is a personal goal to watch as many good films out there as I can. Well I'd love to be a make up artist in movie sets just so I can experience both worlds really. And so this will be my own little space on the internet where I can talk about my - and perhaps your - own vanities in life.

In a blurb: A blog about everything I find beautiful - which you might find beautiful, too.

Want to share your ideas or exchange opinions on makeup and/or movies, send a message to mybeautyblurbs @ gmail.com!

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