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Beauty Onscreen: Natalie Portman

Intelligent and a versatile actress with those striking almond-shaped eyes and bone structure - Natalie Portman is my favorite actress of all time.
natalie portman my beauty blurbs
77th Annual Academy Awards 2005
The first movie I've ever seen of hers was Anywhere But Here on Star Movies. I think I was 13 or 14 years old at the time and I thought she was the most beautiful girl I've seen on TV. She played such a likable character in the form of the charismatic and mature teen, Ann, and she gave a moving performance that from there I wanted to watch every single movie she'd be and was in. My favorite Natalie movie would have to be V for Vendetta (Closer & Garden State are tied at second place) where she plays Evey Hammond and does a believable English accent. I never really not liked any of her films only with the exception of that tragedy of a movie called No Strings Attached. And after being on a short unofficial hiatus as a new mother, she reminds us that she'll be back on the big screen as Jane Foster in Thor 2: The Dark World on November 2013.

The classic Natalie Portman look is all about the browns, coppery and gold hues with slightly flushed cheeks and petal pink lips. Her eye shadow is almost always winged ever so slightly to accentuate that  almond eye shape and her eyebrows are feathery and never heavily drawn in. I think she's got one of the best pairs of brows in Hollywood. Now Natalie is no Emma Stone in the beauty department i.e. she doesn't experiment a lot with her makeup and hair but sticks to what she knows looks best on her. As someone who is quoted to saying, "I like to wear as little makeup as possible," she still manages to get those Dior beauty campaigns. Now here are some of her best red carpet makeup looks.
natalie portman my beauty blurbs
Smokey and tightlined at the 2012 New York City Ballet's Spring Gala
natalie portman my beauty blurbs
Thick lashes & sheer lavender pink lippy at the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
natalie portman my beauty blurbs
Cropped up & monochromatic with orange hues at the 2006 ShoWest Awards
natalie portman my beauty blurbs
Vamped up look with a deep red lip at the 2010 Black Swan New York Premiere
natalie portman my beauty blurbs
Gold eyeshadow & loose side waves at the 2011 83rd Annual Academy Awards
natalie portman my beauty blurbs
Pink lip & brown smokey eyes at the 2011 22nd Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards
natalie portman my beauty blurbs
Au naturel and wearing just a tee at the 2008 65th Venice Film Festival Photocall

Watch out for the second part of this where I feature her memorable movie looks. For being my favorite actress, I think it's only fair that she gets to be in more than one post. ;)

What are your favorite Natalie red carpet looks?
What beauty trends would you want to see her try out?

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