Thursday, April 18, 2013

Movie List #2

Lincoln (2012)
I don't know much about the Civil War but this movie was an effective avenue of shedding light on what Abraham Lincoln went through for the greater good of his nation. He certainly wasn't a saint and had his own personal issues going on but here was a man who did everything he could to make things right. Daniel Day Lewis is now my favorite American President. The end credits (which I also enjoy watching, were a bit of a revelation, too. It wasn't the usual, "Soldier 1 played by Joe Jones". Every single character played in the film was a real person, had a real name and had a credited role in American history. The movie being this detailed and historically accurate is an incredible feat and it was a thrill to watch the downs and the ups of Lincoln's government until the time of his assassination.

To quote from the late and great Roger Ebert's last review of a Spielberg film:
The hallmark of the man, performed so powerfully by Daniel Day-Lewis in "Lincoln," is calm self-confidence, patience and a willingness to play politics in a realistic way. The film focuses on the final months of Lincoln's life, including the passage of the 13th Amendment ending slavery, the surrender of the Confederacy and his assassination. Rarely has a film attended more carefully to the details of politics. (source)
daniel day lewis lincoln

The Croods (2013)
I saw this on Easter Sunday at Greenbelt 3 and after hearing that G.I. Joe 2 would just be a waste of a ticket, I opted to watch this animated movie instead. It was lighthearted family movie with Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and Nicolas Cage lending their voices to these insane but fun bunch of characters. It got a lot of laughs out of me so I can't complain. 
the croods

Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)
This movie confused me - in a good way. I kept questioning myself if the situations Hushpuppy lived through actually happened or maybe these were representations of a six-year-old's reality. This movie seemed like a lot less glamorous Life of Pi-stylized movie with a bit of Hunger Games camera work in the mix but it was rooted on an amazing story nonetheless.

Quvenzhané Wallis, who played Hushpuppy, was only 6 years old at the time of filming and her acting was so good, of course, she had to be nominated for an Academy award (youngest one to be nominated, might I add). Dwight Henry also delivered a memorable performance as Hushpuppy's father, Wink, who you won't warm to at the beginning but eventually won me over.
quvenzhane wallis dwight henry beasts of the southern wild

Disco Pigs (2001)
I don't watch a lot of Irish films but if Cillian Murphy's in it, I have to watch it. Disco Pigs is Enda Walsh's creation for theatre and the story was so good, it had to be adapted on film, too. This is the story of the Pig and the Runt and their turbulent and volatile relationship as friends. Cillian serves one of his most powerful performances here and Elaine Cassidy, who I had no idea was Irish when I saw her first in Harper's Island, does so as well.
cillian murphy disco pigs

I've been busy watching these brilliant TV shows, too: Sherlock, Game of Thrones, The Following, and Hannibal

What have you been watching this past week?

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*March 31 - April 13, 2013
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