Friday, April 12, 2013

MAC + Hayley Williams

Hello, Summer - The color of the scorching sun rays comes in a form of a bright orange lipstick.
Hayley Williams MAC Collection lipstick
The color reminds me of the movie "Sunshine".
Hayley Williams is undeniably on a sizzling hot streak. Paramore launched their fourth album last month and the music video for their second single "Still Into You" (which of course is still prompting some mixed reviews) was released just this week. In the video, Hayley's all pretty in pink and in other pastel colors and is sporting some crazy "shorter-than-the-average" Betty Paige-inspired bangs. Now MAC cosmetics has unveiled their collaborative efforts with Hayley which is an online-exclusive collection comprising of these four products: lipstick, eye shadow, mineralized highlighter and nail polish.
hayley williams MAC collection
(L-R) Limited-edition shade of Sounds Like Noise lipstick; Mid-tone coral with a frost finish eye shadow; Velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish; High gloss, Cream formula in bright orange nail polish
Vibrant orange may be her signature color but definitely not mine. I just don't like the color orange on me & I don't think the shades here would best suit my skin tone but I'd still love to try out her coral eye shadow. Seeing the collection on Hayley, orange seems like it was really made for her and her porcelain white skin.
Hayley Williams MAC Collection
I'm having serious eyeliner envy with this picture.
Now I'm definitely liking this makeup look more than their latest single but I am still a fan of her amazing voice though.

Are you feeling this MAC + Hayley Williams collaboration? Do you have any orange in your makeup collection right now?

*Images courtesy of MAC & Temptalia

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