Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Movie List #1

You know how some people sleep listening to music? I sleep to the sound of movies because it's my happy place. I get to see a bunch (like 3-5) of them every week and I'll be doing a list of what I've watched within the week so when you're bored and don't know what movie to watch next, you can take a look at one of my movie lists and get an idea or two from it. ;)

Django Unchained (2012)
This has been highly praised by critics and viewers alike although there have been mixed feelings out there about the film, too, due to the nature of the plot. It's set during a dark period of slavery and racism so expect a lot of offensive language and disturbing scenes here - just like any good 'ole QT movie of course. So that being said - I loved the movie. It made me laugh and the chemistry between Jamie Foxx's Django & Christoph Waltz' King Schultz was so enjoyable to watch. DiCaprio as the antagonist Candie was deliciously (no pun intended) evil here, which I honestly thought deserved a nomination, too.
jamie foxx leonardo dicaprio django unchained

Red Lights (2012)
I have the biggest crush on Cillian Murphy so I have this biased opinion that whatever he's in is nothing short of amazing and he rubs off his brilliance in Red Lights. Anyway what you have to know about the movie is that it revolves on the investigations of supernatural/paranormal phenomena and you get to see some serious acting chops from Sigourney Weaver and Robert DeNiro.
cillian muprhy red lights

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
I keep forgetting that Jennifer Lawrence is only 22 years old with the performances she gives (remember Winter's Bone?). I thought she deserved her Best Actress win here, especially after blowing my mind away with this scene and many more. I think this is a charming film that's a cut above the other generic romcom movies out there.
jennifer lawrence bradley cooper silver linings playbook
Yes, that is Julia Stiles in the family portrait - in case you were wondering.
Hitchcock (2012)
When I first saw the trailer, I didn't even recognize it was Sir Anthony Hopkins playing the legend that is Alfred Hitchcock. Kudos to his makeup team which deserved their nomination for Best  Makeup & Hairstyling in last year's Academy Awards. 

Dame Helen Mirren plays his wife, Alma, and "Hitchcock" focuses more on their relationship during the making of Psycho than the actual making of it. Hopkins is so spot on with his Hitchcock and you can take a look at this clip for comparison.
anthony hopkins hitchcock
"You may call me Hitch. Hold the cock."
*March 24 - 30, 2013
*Images courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes

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