Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Winona Forever

The 90's may be over but Winona Ryder's career and beauty isn't.
winona ryder interview my beauty blurbs
Winona looking gorgeous in goth and glam
The first movie I've seen with her in it was Edward Scissorhands (1990) where she revealed her true hair color (yes, she's blonde but being and staying brunette does wonders for her skin and features, don't you think?) and my favorite movie that she's been in is Little Women (1994). I LOVE Little Women - both the book & the film - and I'm a big Jo-Laurie tandem fan. When a young Christian Bale proposes, you do not turn it down. I'm also a fan of her other works onscreen: Reality Bites (1994), Girl, Interrupted (1994) and A Scanner Darkly (2006). And before there was Christina Ricci, Winona did the pale, goth girl character first as Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice (1988).
winona ryder christian bale little women
Winona and Christian in my favorite scene from Little Women
winona ryder angelina jolie girl, interrupted
Yes, that is Angelina Jolie on the other side of the door.
winona ryder keanu reeves a scanner darkly
Some Winona-Keanu rotoscope goodness in A Scanner Darkly
winona ryder beetlejuice
"Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!"
Anyway I stumbled upon her photos for Interview magazine and I think she is the bomb diggity, for lack of a better term. Look at her photos - who says men are the only ones looking better as they age? ;) She's still that raven haired and doe-eyed beauty we fell in love back in the 90's and with perfect makeup done by NARS makeup artist, Francelle Daly.
winona ryder interview my beauty blurbs
winona ryder interview my beauty blurbs
winona ryder interview my beauty blurbs
winona ryder interview my beauty blurbs
winona ryder interview my beauty blurbs
Photos by Craig McDean
Winona is still getting some awesome roles throughout the 2010's, too - Black Swan, The Iceman and the upcoming action film with Jason Statham, Homefront. 

And even if it isn't "throwback Thursday" today, I'm still throwing you one, Winona.
Are you loving Winona's vamped up look for Interview? Do you have any favorite Winona Ryder films?

*Images courtesy of Interview & Winona-Ryder


  1. Saw her Black Swan movie, can't describe my feelings after, disturbing may not be the right term but yeah I had mixed emotions.
    But I must say that she really is beautiful. ;)


    1. Even if she was only in a couple of scenes in Black Swan, it was nice seeing her still work at this day and age. She is such a good actress and a gorgeous one to boot!

      Thanks, Tina! ;)