Monday, July 1, 2013

My Picks: The Most Beautiful Brides in Movies

June, named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage, is the most popular month of the year for frilly white dresses, romantic motifs and traditional and non-traditional unions.
Vogue's 2013 Wedding Guide
Products for your special day from Vogue's 2013 Wedding Guide
Yeah, yeah. I'm a day late but the internet connection was horrible last night so I'm posting it today. It may not be June anymore but couples get married all year long, right? Anyway, I seriously don't have any plans of getting hitched any time soon but like any other warm-blooded girl, I'm a sucker for gorgeous wedding gowns featured in Vogue and tear-jerking wedding videos captured by Jason Magbanua. Whether it's grand or simple, there's always something magical about the concept of weddings. Movies seem to magnify that concept and you can get an inspiration or two from some of the most beautiful brides I've seen in films. 

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & the City (2008)
Before Carrie finally tied the knot wearing a labelless dress in city hall, she had to wear the most gorgeous samples for her Vogue photoshoot including this memorable Vera Wang dress. I thought her foundation was a tad cakey but the red lip was a lovely stand out.
Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & the City

Jane Eyre, Jane Eyre (2011)
Jane Eyre might have not gotten the perfect wedding day with Edward Fairfax Rochester wearing this old-fashioned lacey number but she did get her happily ever after in the end.
Jane Eyre

Liv & Emma, Bride Wars (2009)
With Liv's (Kate Hudson) purple smokey shadow and Emma's (Anne Hathaway) full brows and glossy lip, this film is bound to give blushing brides some ideas on planning weddings and picking out the perfect dress.
Liv & Emma Bride Wars

Georgiana Cavendish, The Duchess (2008)
If it isn't apparent yet, I'm a big Keira fan so I'm sorry for including her again. To be fair, she makes one aspirational movie bride (Love Actually, Pirates of the Caribbean) and this scene with Ralph Fiennes inspired me to recreate that 18th century makeup look on my BFF. 
Georgiana Cavendish The Duchess

Victoria, The Young Victoria (2009)
I've always known Queen Victoria to be the English queen who always wore black never knowing why she did. Now I know that after Prince Albert died, she decided to always wear black to mourn his death. If I married a dashing and loving prince like him, I would mourn him forever, too. And whoever thought proposing to men was a radical idea? Queen V would have begged to differ.
Victoria The Young Victoria 
Jamie Sullivan, A Walk to Remember (2002) 
I read the book. I cried. I saw the film. I cried. Every time I watch this, I always cry. A Walk to Remember was the most tear-jerking romantic movie I could remember before The Notebook rightfully claimed that title. Mandy Moore made for a pretty bride but I have to ask, where's Shane West now?
Jamie Sullivan A Walk to Remember

In case you want to do a Kate Middleton on your own big day, i.e. do your own makeup, here's a useful makeup tutorial from Pixiwoo.
Do you have any favorite movie brides? Would you use any element from their "movie wedding" on your own dream wedding? ;)


  1. Where's Arwen of Lord of the Rings? Anyway, I like Mandy in A Walk To Remember.

    1. If only LoTR had a wedding scene, I surely would've put her here. ;)

    2. Trololololol!
      And I call myself LOTR fan! XD