Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Philippine Fashion Week 2013 Beauty Highlights

Fashion is no forte of mine and my comfort zone is with jeans, sometimes shorts, and a tee. Despite the lack of fashion know-how, I still enjoy looking at runway photos since I like scrutinizing the models' makeup looks. And speaking of runway photos, I've been looking through these photos from Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 from a couple of weeks ago. To my disappointment, I wasn't able to go this year (I did get a couple of invites to two shows but alas, I got confused with the invites somehow - will not go into any more details about it. HA!) but hey, there's always next year. ;)
Oz Go makeup
My favorite collection was "The Librarian" by Oz Go.
So what makeup looks dominated the runway this year?

All Shades of Pink
Pink always looks good on anyone when you're wearing the right shade of course. It's the most wearable lip color so I'm not surprised that this was a common look that week.
Penshoppe makeup
Ruben Santos makeup
Ruben Santos
SM Ladies’ Fashion and Parisian Shoes makeup
SM Ladies’ Fashion and Parisian Shoes
Coral eyeshadow
Coral is so lively and gorgeous against medium to warm skin tones and it's not everyday you see women wear this standout eyeshadow color.
Eric Delos Santos makeup
Eric Delos Santos
Jun Jun Cambe makeup
Jun Jun Cambe
Dark Red Lips
I'm an all year round fan of dark lipsticks since it gives off such a bold and confident statement.
Happy Andrada makeup
Happy Andrada
Randall Solomon makeup
Randall Solomon
Norman Noriega for JAG Origins makeup
Norman Noriega for JAG Origins
Return of the Gloss
I don't like wearing lip gloss because it's so impractical especially when you're commuting to and from work like me but on the runway, you'd definitely spot these women from a mile away with those fiercely shiny pouts. What I've learned from looking at these photos is that when the whole face stays matte, you can  easily elevate it with some lip gloss.
Oz Go makeup
Oz Go
Russell Villafuerte makeup
Russell Villafuerte
Xernan Orticio makeup
Xernan Orticio
The blue green eye shadow may be wearable but even though the avant-garde multicolored lips aren't, I think this is still one of the brighter and more adventurous looks from this year's runway.
Lizanne Cua makeup
Lizanne Cua
I loved Michael Cinco's collection and I love how the make up blends perfectly with his clothes. Makeup never looked more expensive when you have crystals adorning your face, too. You don't have to wear crystals on your face if you want to get the same pizazz as this runway look. You can use sparkly eye shadows or glitter mascara and liner instead.
Michael Cinco makeup
Michael Cinco
Smokey eyes/Bleached brows
Who doesn't like a good smokey eye? It's so modern and sexy and with bleached brows like Lisbeth's, the contrast makes it even slicker .
Jerome Salaya Ang for Jag Origins makeup
Jerome Salaya Ang for Jag Origins
What were your favorite makeup looks from this year's Philippine Fashion Week?

*Images courtesy of Status


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